Review: Development of platinum electrode for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells

N.A. Rusli, Z. Ibrahim, R. Muhammad, Y. Wahab, S. Sakrani


Platinum thin film for anode and cathode as electrodes in micro-fabrication SOFC is an approach in producing energy power at low temperature by utilizing a combination of balanced electrode-electrolyte nanoscale materials. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) are considered as one of the most feasible generating devices for converting fuel into electricity that operates at temperatures in the range 700-1000 ºC, which is known presents both challenges for the construction and durability. Nevertheless, the ability of SOFC to operate at low temperature has sprung overwhelming interest among researchers to extend its application by operating temperatures down to 600 C. Among many types of anode and cathode materials, platinum (Pt) exhibits large potential as catalytic activity towards the electrochemical oxidation and reduction. This paper reviews platinum anode-cathode thin film materials coated on micro-scale SOFC device and focuses on the effect of fabrications and e


electrode; platinum; SOFC; YSZ; cell performance

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