Synthesis and characterizations of graphene growth by RF-PECVD on thin films at low temperatures

Aishah Khalid, Mohd Ambri Mohamed, Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis, Mohd Asyadi Azam


High temperature is crucial for supplying enough energy to the graphene growth by using CVD method. Plasma existence in CVD system is the alternative to lower the growth temperature and promote the graphene growth mechanism. This plasma energy helps in changing the hydrocarbon gas to reactive radicals. The radicals and ions bombard the substrate surface which resulting in a more active surface structure by speeding up the chemical reaction. Here, we report graphene growth on polycrystalline Cobalt (Co) and Nickel (Ni) films, respectively using our simplified set-up of RF-PECVD and characterize their structural properties.


Graphene growth; plasma CVD; Low temperature; graphene on metal

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