Structural analysis of graphene growth on interdigital electrodes micro supercapacitor for biomedical devices

Hafzaliza Erny Zainal Abidin, Azrul Azlan Hamzah, Mohd Ambri Mohamed


Micro supercapacitor, specifically with interdigital electrodes design, has recently gained much interest in fields such as bioMEMS, biomedical implants, power electronic devices and high power applications due to its high charging capacity. Planar interdigital micro supercapacitor with the graphene growth via Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) with the different temperatures has been investigated in this works. In this works, the graphene growth on the interdigital electrodes was investigated in various temperatures from 400°C to 1000°C. The graphene growth structure on the interdigital electrodes of micro supercapacitor was characterized by Raman Spectroscopy. A Raman spectrum of graphene was observed on interdigital electrode have identified three peaks which is D band, G band and 2D band. Raman spectra show that the intensity ratio of the 2D band and G band at 1000°C of 0.43 indicating a good quality of few layer graphene growth.


Micro supercapacitor; interdigital electrodes; PECVD; graphene growth; Raman Spectroscopy

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