Study on analysis of penetration forces by drilling and fungicide-liquid flow behavior by injecting on oil palm

M. M. Afiq, M. R. Mahadi, D. Ahmad


Disease on oil palm trees cause by G. boninense may lead to rotting and eventual death to the trees. This is considered as a major loss to plantation operators. Currently, one of the methods in treating the disease is through injection of solution that consists of hexaconazol or tetraconazol as the active ingredients. While the type of effective solution may have been identified, the application technique can be simplified much further. At the moment, once the effected tree has been recognized, the next step is to drill the tree and then the driller is taken out and an injected is put forward. The paper presents the study and analysis of penetration forces by drilling and fungicide-liquid flow behavior by injecting on the oil palm trees. The results will influence the direction of a new mechanism design to implement the solution.


G. boninense; drilling; injecting; treatment

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