Conceptual design of an applicator for nano-solution in the treatment of G. boninese infected oil palm tree

Muhammad Razif Mahadi, Muhammad Afiq Misri, Desa Ahmad


G. boninense causes both basal stem rot (BSR) and upper stem rot (USR) and remains as South East Asia’s most devastating oil palm diseases with direct loss of the stand, reduced yield of diseased palms and the resultant requirement for earlier replanting. Although it has been clearly identified as the main cause of the disease in oil palms, strategies for the early detection and control of G. boninense are still immature. With all the drawbacks mention above, an integrated smart sensing system is vital for future sustainability of palm oil industry. This paper describes the conceptual design of an applicator for a nanodelivery system in actual plantation.


Design; Applicator; Nanodelivery; G. boninese; drilling-injecting

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